Wooden Plate

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Wooden plate properties and usage areas

The construction sector is a thriving and growing area every day. There are also great developments in the materials used in this sector. Engineers continuously strive for the design and production of more useful, more efficient, more innovative products. Because there is no limit to innovation, and human beings are thrilled by the innovations in their structure. Here, every innovation in the construction industry also excites users and leads to search for healthier, safer, more aesthetic places for living spaces. The use of wood plate in this regard is also quite common. Continuous innovations are also made on wooden plates, both the types of use and the properties are continuously improved. The panels, which are developed by combining the wood with various substances, are also located in many more different areas because of the properties of the wood and other substances.

Wooden PlateAdvantages of wood Plates

Wood is one of the oldest materials in the construction industry, no doubt. People have been benefiting from wooden goods and houses for many years. It is effective to be easy to supply both wood and to be useful. Nowadays, it is more difficult to supply wood raw material than it is. Instead, wood plate products are preferred. These products, which are manufactured by various chemical products and adhesives, can be made of wood structures and additions and various decorations can be applied. These products, which are machined on machines, are both features of the wood and are becoming more useful with additives.

Wood Plate Types

Nowadays, the types of wood slabs used in the production and constructions are plywood, plywood and OSB plates. Contrapings are especially used for decorative flooring. Production decreases according to other wood products over time. Plywoodlar constructions used in many sectors;

  • In the construction of concrete moulds,
  • Decorative Floor coverings,
  • In roofing applications,
  • They are easily used in internal wall compartments.

The use of OSB sheets is an increasing number of wood plate types each passing day. OSB sheets, which are manufactured with adhesive yarns, are easily used in many areas. High resistance to moisture, flexibility thanks to the high durability, easy to take shape and separation of the quality, even if the parts of the OSB sheets are very preferred. Interior and exterior façade coating, roof coverings are easily used. In case of need, painting, varnishes, coloring in various ways, mowing processes can also be applied easily. In addition to the high humidity resistance, it prevents the formation of mold and fungus in areas where it is applied thanks to the adhesive substance used. Therefore, it can be said that it offers higher yields than other wood panels.

Practice of wooden plates in practice

All types of wood slabs provide a very practical practice. It can be produced according to the dimensions of the area to be applied as requested sizes can be made, which allows the application process to be handled in a short time. Furthermore, depending on the characteristics of the area to be applied, the thickness can be determined, the production of different thicknesses. This helps to ensure that my requested data can be taken healthier.