Weber Insulation

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New method of our era Weber isolation

Today, Weber isolation applications, which have a special place among different waterproofing applications, constitute a great advantage as practical applications. Due to the correct realization of waterproofing in structures, the structure is longer lasting and a comfortable living condition is ensured. Because if waterproofing is not formed, it can cause problems such as moisture, water extraction and dripping in the building, and these difficulties can make life conditions negative. The Weber, which has become one of the most preferred substances at the isolation point, is a thick waterproofing coating material with a high elastic quality polymer modified. Materials are comfortable and quickly insulating materials

Weber InsulationWeber insulation suitable for all surfaces

Weber Insulation products, which can be used to provide waterproofing in the exterior facades and interior facades of all constructions, are applicable on all mineral surfaces. The Weber, which creates a single-piece insulation application in the area applied to the surface and performs an excellent coating, has a natural use that does not constitute any harm to health. It does not contain solvents or asbestos fibers in any way, but does not harm the environment. It can be used in isolation for different sections such as foundations or curtain walls or moisture-stricken spaces and terraces and balconies on different walls of buildings. In addition, this system can be used to eliminate moisture and dampness in sections such as gardens and parking on the ground floor.

Use of Weber isolation on different surfaces

With a standard black color, Weber insulation can be applied directly on different surfaces, with a specific mixture density. The gross concrete surfaces formed directly between these surfaces constitute a very easy application area. In addition, the structure of cement-based plastering on the plaster and the reinforced concrete on the construction of the Weber can be ensured by making moisture and water insulation. Different types of products can be applied on other surfaces in a limited way, while there is no possibility to apply on metal surfaces. However, it has become one of the most preferred products since it was created with very high water insulation in reinforced concrete structures.

Weber Isolation Application Ease

Weber Insulation, which provides water insulation in structures very easily, can be used in about 60 minutes. The drying time is applied in the area for about 3 days, this material is completely cleaned and can be implemented thanks to its robust. Application can be applied at temperatures between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius, but should not be performed on frost surfaces. In order to obtain the desired outcome accurately, the application point can be obtained in the most comprehensive way to learn more practical points and tricks to be applied to our company. Our company has a comprehensive system in which you can supply the most accurate recommendations for this product to other materials needed in the application.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]