What are waterproofing materials and why is it important?

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For longer use of structures, the share of waterproofing is large. The effects arising from outside the structure such as rain and snow, and the internal effects arising from water installations, lead to moisture and abrasion of the interior and outside of the building over time. What are the waterproofing materials used in the building during construction to prevent this? Materials such as lining, moisture barrier, nylon tarpaulin and membrane are used to provide waterproofing. Membrane is a product with a variety of izopaque, liquid or Ondulin. Thanks to the insulation materials used, the buildings are more durable against water and moisture and the longevity of its lifespan is ensured. Waterproofing is applied to all points, especially in the roofs and toilets, in contact with water, both inside and outside the building.

Bituline Mebran
Bituline membrane

What are waterproofing materials and how is the primer applied?

Materials which are the answer to the question of what are the waterproofing materials are divided into two and Serpe. The primer between waterproofing materials is applied with the help of brush or roller to ensure easy adhesion of the membrane. It can also be applied by spraying the lining. The lining allows the surface to be smooth by preventing dust from sticking to the membrane. The lining, which does not contain toxic or harmful substances and does not mind the use of the inside of the building, is applied as cold by opening the box. Primer application should not be made in rainy weather. If the application is provided after it is established, the primer constitutes a non-water surface.

What are water insulation materials and membrane types?

One of the answers to the question of what are the waterproofing materials are the membranes which are quite different. Liquid, slate, aluminum foil membranes can be used, as appropriate for the application area of the polyester felt or fithromam carriers can be preferred. The primer must be applied to a suitable type in the field of use.