Tepe Fibercement

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Best Top Betopan products in the market

In the construction sector, our company provides services for many different materials that are needed for building applications, while Tepe Betopan products, one of the most important products of the market, offers sales. Such products enable the creation of more advanced structures when it leads to innovations in the construction industry. Betopan is a construction product that can be used for insulation on both internal facades and exterior facades as a robust material that hosts cement and wood and is reinforced with chemicals. Betopan material that transmits the properties of the materials that it maintains in the environment; Moisture is a material that can provide insulation at the point of water and heat. This feature is offered for sale by our company as a preferred building material in many constructions nowadays.

Tepe BetopanTop features of Tepe Betopan products

In general, peak Betopan products which are widely preferred in constructions are among the products seen in different areas of use. The reason why it is preferred in such a way is that it is a mixture of cement wood. Thanks to this mixture, it has a durability that can create moisture and waterproofing when used in buildings on exterior fronts and inside facades. It comes at the beginning of the coating materials, which creates an ideal insulation for surfaces such as moist and rain-taking wet facades. This material, which does not create conditions such as mold or odor due to the chemical substances contained in it, is a product that does not flame and provides fire insulation because it is resistant to high temperatures. Furthermore, this material keeps the pests away from the buildings.

Use of Tepe Betopan products and constructions

The apex Betopan products, usually used for moisture and waterproofing in structures, are one of the products which can be prefered in heat insulation in a special way. It has a slight structure because it is usually covered with veneer material. This material, which is a much lighter use than the Normal concrete plates, is only available on the exterior of the buildings. Insulation with these products creates a much more insulation ratio than other concrete surfaces. They can be used for heat and moisture insulation in the internal pockets of structures because it is easily machinable. It can be used for flooring in narrow spaces and roofs because it is flexible thanks to the wood additive it contains.

Coating with Tepe Betopan products

As a product that can be used on interior facades and exterior fronts, the ideal product at the risk of earthquakes, Tepe Betopan can be used to create a full coating on exterior fronts. Thanks to this use, Betopan products that feature the insulation properties on the exterior façade of the buildings make it comfortable to have an ideal level of measurements and weights. In some cases, this material is also used for coating on the inner façade of buildings. It can also be used to create concrete walls with material.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]