Tayrot Shaft

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Tayrot Shaft and mould systems

There is a very large product option in the construction industry. Many different materials are used for different processes, starting from the foundation to the roof. It is observed that new materials are used continuously in order to create more robust structures, especially with the development of technology. The mold systems of the constructions are seen as one of the most important points of these systems. Construction molds are used to create the system that is being called rough construction. Rough construction is constructed as the most important point of construction by means of affecting the security and systems of the whole building. When choosing the best mortar mix in the construction time, the moulds that can provide robustness in this mortar and systems such as the tayrot shaft are needed.

Tayrot ShaftTayrot Shaft Properties

The Tayrot shaft refers to a special system designed to keep construction molds together. Construction molds are materials that have been loaded with great duty in construction. It is used to ensure the robustness of construction and the design of the project in accordance with the plan. Must be able to carry the weight of the mortar placed in it and to ensure that it freezes correctly. The Tayrot shaft system is used for the purpose of providing them. The Tayrot shaft is a system that is used to keep molds together to ensure that construction molds have the necessary robustness and uniformity. It has an important place in mold systems with the purpose of accurately distributing the loads that will ride on the moulds and to stand firmly. The material produced in steel casting can be used for a long time with this feature and can stay without rust.

Tayrot Shaft Options

The Tayrot shaft, which is used in mold systems in construction, is available with different options. In order to ease the use of tayrot shafts, production and designs of products with different characteristics are made. These productions can be diversified with the aim of creating unnecessary crowds in construction areas and ensuring that molds are more robust. Tayrot shafts are primarily diversified in length. Starting from a length of one meter, the shaft production is made up to six meters long. It offers ease of use thanks to its easy to squeeze thanks to the teeth found in the outer parts. The screw systems used in the shaft are also locked and have similar features and varieties. The materials used in general are steel.

Tayrot shaft and other mould materials

Tayrot shaft products are generally used in conjunction with plywood moulds. In these molds, the system is more durable and long lasting. In order to obtain a smooth concrete, plywood is considered an ideal mold material. The mil system with plywood material is properly used. There are special protective apparatus for the edges of mold systems. These apparatus prevent damage to the materials. Telescopic sewing apparatus are the systems used to support the bottom of the moulds. It is used to make the moulds stronger.  With the Tayrot shaft, the tayrot nut and mirror are also preferred for the system to be more powerful.