Styrofoam types

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Styrofoam is a very widely used product in the construction industry, which is usually a foam-reminiscent structure used in exterior façade insulation. Suitable for use, easy to find and customer satisfaction after the application, the Styrofoam material as insulation material is highlighted. The production of the desired intensity according to the area refers to another plus direction of the material. Styrofoam, which has such a positive feature, has many varieties. There are many polystyrene types such as carbon-reinforced Styrofoam, Neoor Styrofoam and B1 class Styrofoam. The variety is also increasing according to usage areas.

Styrofoam bodies
Major features of Straforun
  • The intensity can be produced in the desired intensity according to the usage area
  • When the water absorption rate is in contact with direct water, the water absorption feature of the material is very low
  • Combustion is reliable thanks to the flame-walking feature
  • Life life is a fairly long material

It is the most important factor in the fact that the material is being used in so many features. In this regard, the most important element of exterior front Mantolama systems is the Styrofoam material.

White Styrofoam Broken prices
White Styrofoam Broken prices

Technical information of Styrofoam material

Styrofoam, technical expression; EPS is a product that consists of 5% of the polystyrene 95% of the air and often used in many areas of our daily lives. The polystyrene particles in the straforun are heated by steam. The foam block is created at the last. The cubic meter weight of these blocks is produced in different ways and at the Abat according to the manufacturer’s request. The hardness of the Strafon material increases as the density of the site is elevated. As a result of this, the foam particles in the straforun are reduced.

White Broken Prices
White Broken Prices

Insulation industry indispensable Styrofoam types

Especially when it comes to coating and packaging, there is no area where strafun is used when there is a problem with these areas. In fact, Styrofoam should only be considered as building material. The most widely used area is the correct determination used in thermal insulation systems and insulation systems. However, it has begun to have a widespread usage area. It has different areas of use from Logo molds to decorative purposes. In parallel with the development of technology, the material that renews itself every passing day, thanks to this renewal, expands the area of use gradually. As a natural consequence, it is a frequently preferred product among users.