Standard membrane

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What does standard membrane do?

Standard membrane is one of the types of materials used to apply membrane in roofs. They are also manufactured in PVC or Epiderm form. Since the roof systems used in structures differ from each other, different materials are needed to provide insulation. The most basic function expected from the membrane is to protect the roofs and therefore the building against water. If the cover on the roof and the insulation material used with it does not adequately protect it, the external moisture effects are inevitable to cause adverse conditions in the inner parts of the building. At the beginning of these cases, the building has become damp. Moisture in the building, besides bringing in the bad smell, the walls used in the building and the items such as mold and deformed, and the structure itself to shorten the life of the results caused by water protection Important. The production and sale of ondülin membranes with izopaque membrane and liquid membranes as waterproofing material is carried out by our company.

Standard membraneStandard membrane and slate membrane

The importance of taking precautions against water on the roof is now regarded as an indisputable necessity and the standard membrane is among the products used for this purpose. However, the structure of the roof leads to a more advantageous use of different varieties. The slate membranes are very suitable for use as the last layer of the roof and parapet of the terraces. Since there is no maintenance cost, preferred slate membranes are durable products that do not burn and rust. It has easy application for curved surfaces and narrow areas. This product is environmentally friendly and easy to assemble. It is also possible to make different designs on the façade walls.

Standard membrane and PVC membrane

PVC membranes are also preferred for roofs outside the standard membrane. The most important advantage of PVC membranes is that the elasticity is high. With this feature, it is possible to provide high mechanical strength. High resistance to water and fire, this product also has a breathable structure and has vapour permeability. The PVC membrane, which is a quality material, can be preferred in buildings under different conditions due to its structure that adapts to climatic conditions. In addition, having a recyclable product is important in preventing environmental damage in the creation of roof systems. The PVC membrane, which is a highly durable product, is easy to repair if damaged.

Membrane prices and standard membrane

When insulation is made in the roof systems, the standard membrane and other membrane types are evaluated in the preference of climatic conditions and the quality and durability of the material to be used as well as the properties of the roof. If the roof is wood or metal, the material to be used varies. The roof roofs with terraces, or on roofs with narrow clarity, have different features. This results in price differences between the Medras.