Sandwich Panel Colors

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Building properties of Sandwich panels

As a result of innovations in construction and ongoing ;  studies, a number of state-of-the-art construction materials are increasingly widely used. Most of the equipment is manufactured from different materials, offering better quality and more functional solutions by minimizing the construction processes especially in subjects such as heat and sound insulation, exterior frontage and roof construction. The panels used as materials, called roofing and façade coatings, are also manufactured by injection method. Sandwich panels are one of the most aesthetic materials of surface coating alternatives; It has different features such as cold room, façade panels and roof panels. It is recommended as one of the most innovative materials with its superior quality and ease of installation and aesthetic appearance. Insulation is extremely high in the structures used in these panels. Thermal insulation, waterproofing and sound insulation is the most important of all the advantages offered by no extra insulation coating. Panel colors are manufactured as aluminum and hair plating. In this case, there are many color alternatives in dyed hair. You can make selections from a rich color card when choosing the colors to be the most ideal.

Sandwich Panel ColorsAdvantages of Sandwich Panels

The most important advantages of sandwich panels are fast and easy assembly operations, high load carrying capacity, greater corrosion resistance to external factors, effective in isolation functions and extremely aesthetic appearance Sandwich panels offer many advantages.

Because the product colors are extremely wide, it is freely available in many types of structures. These buildings are constructed for industrial purposes, military structures, agricultural structures, sports complexes, cold storage, large markets and shopping malls are easily used on the exterior fronts. In the end, preferences are made through the desired RAL color.


Coil Coating Technology

It is adapted to the durable and corrosion resistant hair structure of coil coating technology, which allows the use of materials freely. In this way, dyed hair can be integrated into sandwich panels in the desired color option. In general, the paint type applied to metal paints in Roof panel systems is polyester paint. The exterior surface is painted with an average of 25 micron polyester base paint, whereas on the inner surfaces, galvanized hair is used only with primer dye. Sandwich panels are manufactured in accordance with the relevant project.

Paint Types of panels

The panels are notable for their compatibility with many colors. In general, 4 types of paints are used when dyeing product metals. These; Polyester, Plastisöl, PVDF and polyurethane paints are the most commonly used paint varieties.

In the buildings where sandwich panels are used, superior sound, heat and waterproofing and the image is extremely high quality. The quality of elegance and aesthetic appearance and meeting gives the opportunity to sign innovations on the exterior and roof fronts.

Sandwich panels have the ability to demonstrate extremely resistance to external factors. External causative factors arising from adverse weather conditions and other factors are not permitted. The construction sector is a highly sought-after sector in our country. From the past to the present, the vacant lands were continuously requested to be filled and construction works were carried out continuously. In this case, the emergence of innovations in the construction sector is inevitable. One of the most important factors in the construction sector is ensuring the insulation of the building constructed. Thanks to the Konya products, the roof insulation can be provided in a very good way. Thus, especially in winter, rainfall and cold weather are minimized to the impact of the building. Sandwich panels are also very often preferred in constructions because they are products that are suitable for exterior facades.