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What is tile and tile prices

The tile is a roofing material that has been widely used since antiquity, usually made from cooked soil and produced with more machines nowadays. In recent years, concrete tiles, which are coloured with the paint obtained by mixing cement, sand and water, are also widespread. The tile prices vary according to the quality and characteristics of the material used.

The tile, which is an important place in the preservation of buildings and protection from ambient effects such as rain, snow and dust, is also available in conjunction with other roofing materials and thus provides excellent insulation to structures.

Tile prices

Tile types and tile prices

The use of tiles in our country was first started with the nostalgic looking alaturka tile (Ottoman-Turkish-groove tile). As the top and bottom tiles are installed on the roofs, the weight of the roof and the occasional roofs are used to provide different features and models that offer tile prices.

Today, the most preferred Marseille tile in our country with a long time to be used and the simplicity of flooring, side and top docking with a beautiful look, and even in difficult climatic conditions with the feature of water leakage Granada tile, roof join Different names and types of tiles such as the Mahya tile used in their locations are widely used.

Nowadays, using technology, it is possible to obtain modern views on roofs with tiles manufactured in different textures and colors, according to international standards and durable.


Classic product Clay Kiremidin advantages and tile prices

The clay tile, which is obtained by cooking at high temperatures of natural material, is an easy-deformed, non-combustion, long-lasting, water-resistant roof-covering material that resists climatic conditions.

Clay tile prices are less costly to use because they are low compared to alternative products and, in the case of wear, only destroyed tiles can be replaced by changing the parts.

The clay tile used to protect the heat of structures and to prevent water is the material that provides the best sound and heat insulation among other roofing products. Since it is a natural product that does not use chemicals in its construction, it does not create adverse effects on human and environmental health.

Modern lines and tile prices on roofs

Roofs are the most affected parts of the climatic conditions of structures. Therefore, the material to be used is a matter that should be considered well-suited to the conditions where the structure is located.

The most important function of roofing materials is to protect structures from adverse effects of climatic conditions and provide sound insulation. The durability of the material used affects the cost and usage preferences in its properties such as the weight of the structure and the degree of insulation additives. In this regard, the use of alternative products is widespread, although tile prices are low compared to other materials.

It is a flexible and lightweight material that can be applied to all roofs, easily upholtile shingle; Acrylic tiles that can be produced in the desired color, which allows colour change after laying; Titanium Zinc with maintenance-free, durable and recyclable material; The lightweight, durable, easy-to-apply plastic tile produced by baking composite material is the alternative products to the classical tiles.