Roofing Materials Prices

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The variety of materials used in roof coatings has increased considerably. Today, highly efficient insulation materials manufactured with advanced technology in accordance with international standards can produce effective results in roof coating applications. With tile roof coverings, metal roofing coatings, bitumen and slate bitumen coatings cover roofs with different features ranging from the type of structures and the area of use. The prices of roofing materials vary depending on the type of material used in the coating and according to the project. For the project to provide an effective result, it must be prepared with the manufacturer.

Prices of CATI materials
Onduline Prices

Roofing Project

The roof coating is a special consideration for all structures. Because the roof; It is a structure that can cause problems such as mold, excessive hot or cold, corrosion and noise, if not taken directly from the impact of harsh environment and climatic conditions such as rain, snow, storm, temperature, harmful sunlight. When developing a roof coating project, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Type of structure
  • Terms of use of the structure
  • Environment and climatic conditions of the structure
  • Vessel skeleton system and material of the roof
  • Desired Isolation Value
  • Isolation priorities

The roofing materials to be used are based on the calculation of these factors and are determined depending on the project. The type of material, durability, weight, insulation properties will directly affect the cost of roofing.


Roof Coating systems and prices

The classical tile roof coatings continue to be widely used today. The prices of the tiles produced by different forms and mahya types such as Marseille, Valencia, Granada, Alaturka differ according to the quality. In metal roofing coatings, the type of metal to be used (such as aluminum, sheet, copper, lead) is an important price factor. The prices of two-layer sandwich panels except single-layer metal sheets vary depending on the type of insulation material used as filler and the thickness of the panel. These panels are used in industrial structures rather than housing because they cannot be given a curved shape. The metal tiles that have been spreading in recent years are products that combine their quality with high costs.

11mm OSB2 Sheet

Roof coating price and quality

The quality of the roof coating is a value that should never be compromised if comfortable, safe living and working conditions are desired. Under the supervision of corporate firms, it is possible to achieve the maximum efficiency and quality of roof coatings by making an appropriate project and budget balancing.

Ondülin Roofing Materials

It is possible to use many different materials in the coating processes for roofs. One of them is ondülin. These materials can be manufactured in different colours and are used in conjunction with various insulation materials. These materials, which can provide a specific success in water and thermal insulation, are used in the most successful way on the roofs with the appropriate costs. These materials are highly successful and exhibit the desired performance in insulation with the construction of the necessary application in a professional manner and the roof insulation of structures. Especially in practice, due to the convenience and reasonable costs, these materials and coating operations are highly appreciated and preferred. Besides these materials, different coating materials can be found. The presence of transparent coating materials for roofs allows for maximum utilization of daylight. With such materials, the desired insulation properties can be applied and used seamlessly.

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