Roofing Prices

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Roof coating prices are one of the most important considerations for those who want to cover the roof of their structures. Roof coating prices in the construction and insulation industry vary in project basis. In order to make the price, the manufacturer must develop a project that fits the needs of the building with the roof coating. In this project, the size of the roof (width and height), slope of the roof, priorities in isolation (heat, sound, water, fire safety), coating technique to be used, the type and quality of the coating material, the desired insulation value in consideration of different factors such as Pricing is determined.

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What materials are used in roof coatings?

Roof coating technology has evolved considerably in terms of the variety of materials used, as well as coating techniques/systems. The products used in the roofing application are usually divided into 6 main groups. These material groups are as follows:

  • Metal based Products
  • Clay based Materials
  • Bitumen based Membranes
  • Cement based Plates
  • Polymer (plastic) based and other products


Metal roof Coverings and sandwich Panel prices

Metal-based roofing materials are widely used in roofing coatings today due to their durability, lightness and efficiency. Lead, zinc, copper, aluminum and galvanized sheet are among the most used metal materials in this group.

Sandwich panel, produced by injection of different insulation substances in density and thicknesses ranging from two aluminium or galvanized sheet metal sheets, is the most commonly used product in the roof coating of industrial structures today. Generally, 0.5 to 0.7 mm from sheet or 0.5. The price of the sandwich panel made of aluminum sheets of thickness ranging from 1.5 mm to the thickness of the panel is determined by the type of insulation/filler material and the square meter. For example, with the current 2017 prices, the price of a sandwich panel with a 4 cm thick polystyrene filler is approximately 40 dollars. When the thickness of the same panel is 12 cm, this price reaches a level of 23 dollars.

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Importance of quality in roof coating

Roofs are one of the most important units of structures. When covering roofs protecting the structure from external factors such as rain, wind, snow, storm, temperature, harmful sunlight, the application must be made with the most suitable and quality materials.

Roofing materials to use for successful insulation

For roofs that will be constructed in structures, it is possible to make a coating with a sheet in general. The structure of coating materials is very important to achieve a success in the insulation. These structural properties must also conform to the constructed structures and should be suitable for use. For all these reasons, different types of roofing materials are sold. With the use of these materials, it is possible to provide insulation in the most advanced way in buildings. These coating materials used for construction are diversified in the same way as the application of different costs. It is possible to make roofing operations with very reasonable costs.

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Rockwool Filled Sandwich Panel