Rockwool Sticking

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Taşyünü – 50 yoğ – 3 cm

52.00  / kdv dahil /paket

Taşyünü – 50 yoğ – 5 cm

47.00  / kdv dahil / paket

Taşyünü – 70 yoğ – 2.5 cm

62.00  / kdv dahil / paket

Taşyünü Manto 150 yoğ. – 5 cm

52.00  / kdv dahil / paket

What is the rockwool of one of today’s most used insulation materials?

Rockwool is obtained through inorganic stones derived from rocks bearing volcanic properties that are present in nature. The largest feature of inorganic stones in these volcanic rocks is that it is very rich in minerals. Due to the heat treatment of inorganic stones between 1500 and 1700 degrees of temperature, the stone is formed as a result of melting. It is used in the exterior facades of constructions as a very good insulation material due to its mineral rich in inorganic stones. Besides the thermal insulation feature, it also provides a very good sound insulation. It also prevents the moisture formation of the stone. It is also often preferred on the surfaces that are very difficult to fire because of its combustion resistance.

Tasy-Silte-Fireside-KucukdeveciAdvantages of the main causes and the use of rockwool in exterior insulation of buildings

Rockwool is an inorganic substance, which is the result of the heat treatment of inorganic stones. Due to this feature, no decay is observed due to time-out or environmental factors in the substance of the stone. In addition, it does not produce harmful creatures such as any bacteria in the stone. Because every material used in the production stage is obtained from a purely natural way, there is no harm to the environment. This feature is a natural-friendly insulation material.  It has the ability to pass steam through the porous structure of the stone wool. In this way, there is no moisture in the stone. Thanks to the insulation provided by the stone wool, individuals are observed to have a huge decline in air conditioning expenses or heating costs. The reason for this is that it is undoubtedly one of the best insulation materials of its stone.

Tasy-selling-companiesAdhesives required to unite the stone with the façade of the building

The Rockwool is the beginning of the most used insulation materials. Glued to the exterior of the building, this insulation process is used to glue the tachy, bonding mortar is applied. Thanks to this mortar, the insulation material made from the stone is ensured to be firmly glued to the exterior façade of the building without any gaps in between. With the stone wool bonding mortar, the insulation of the building will be provided after the necessary procedures are made. However, in the meantime, it is very important to have a sufficient amount of mortar to be successful in the process of bonding. Otherwise the insulation process will not yield the desired results. The quality of the materials used in making stone wool bonding mortar is a very important criterion for the insulation to be achieved at the desired level. The stone wool adhesive mortar contains a large amount of cement. In this way, the bonding process is carried out quite firmly and is prevented from the occurrence of unwanted problems. Mortar used in excess of or less than sufficient amount of cement will not give the desired adhesive. The greatest ease of expenditure is that it can be made ready for use only by mixing with water. This makes it very easy and practical to be used on construction sites.