Great projects we receive and serve

Kucukdeveci ins. San. and Tic. . We have provided important services in completing many projects. It is very important for us to be in the projects that are completed with the services we offer about the supply of construction materials and insulation materials during the construction of buildings and to be very important to our country. We have ensured that many projects are completed with the services we provide for the supply and implementation of the materials necessary for construction. These were in the supply of sandwich panels for the construction of Aksaray Police School and took part in the project. Moreover, Bodrum Pazaryeri construction project, which is also included in the project with sandwich panel supply, has been successfully completed. Moreover, the Cappadocia Airport project, which is also included with the sandwich panel supply, has been completed smoothly.

Our company has been supplying construction and insulation materials for the construction of many factories and production facilities. We contributed to the completion of the projects with the installation processes of aluminium sandwich panels for the Gürsan glass factory built in Ankara and the Fatto clothing in Istanbul Çekmeköy. In addition, we have fulfilled the supply of fiboser materials for indoor swimming pool built in Izmir without any problems. However, with the supply of sandwich panels in the construction of indoor sports hall in Niğde University, we have been providing services for the project to be completed smoothly. We have managed to serve in every province in this sector by taking part in these large projects and constructions conducted in many provinces of our country and successfully completed. In many cities of our country, especially in Istanbul, we are continuing our services in the construction materials and insulation materials.

Our company provides services to ensure the best quality materials in all projects that are successfully completed and to ensure that they are affordable. Our company is among the leading companies in our country in the field of continuously improving its capacity. It is possible to reach the highest quality products of the major brands where we work and keep their products in stock and provide them from every city in our country. Our company, which can take part in all major and small projects, continues its development with the continuously evolving construction sector. We are always able to take part in large projects that are important to our country and have the capacity to supply construction materials and insulation materials. We continually develop ourselves and continue to grow to do much better and more. Contributing to our country by taking part in larger projects is an important goal for our company.