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What is PVC ceiling system?

PVC ceiling is a material used as a decorative ceiling covering in interior design. Plastic material is shaped and led to the top floor to be furnished with stylish images can be achieved. It provides an aesthetic image at low cost to ceilings in all kinds of space.

This system, which has been used for a long time in our country and developed with the possibilities of technology and increased product diversity, is increasing in demand every day. The place where it is applied with different color and pattern options is animated without harming human and environmental health.

In suspended ceilings, the PVC ceilings that feature the first ceiling material that can be washed thanks to moisture resistance are easily cleaned by the dust holders.

PVC CeilingWhy is PVC ceiling preferred?

The PVC ceiling used in all kinds of interior decoration is a preferred ceiling coating material, especially in the creation of earthquake-resistant structures with its lightweight structure that does not load much weight into the building and adapts to the movements of the structure.

PVC coatings are preferred because they have some advantages compared to alternative products:

  • Economic,
  • Easy to trim, repair and maintenance,
  • To be a healthy and hygienic product that is easy to clean,
  • Contributing to the aesthetic appearance by closing the installations,
  • Prevention of bacterial and fungal reproduction by not affecting moisture,
  • Not easily burned and not affected by hot and cold,
  • To contribute to sound and thermal insulation,
  • Optionally allow the ceiling to shape,
  • Led Light assembly to provide a different lighting solution,
  • Long Life,
  • A new structure to be removed from the applied building and cleaned,
  • Production of the required dimensions,
  • possibility of color selection…

Where is PVC ceiling used?

PVC ceiling is a decorative ceiling coating material that can be easily applied in many venues, especially in the bathroom, toilet and pool ceilings exposed to intense moisture. It provides practical use by easily applying to offices and offices, shopping malls and shops, cinemas, theatres and conference halls, restaurants and hotels, hospitals.

In addition to providing ease of use and hygiene in the areas used, it serves a decorative purpose in front of the image pollution resulting from systems such as heating and lighting.

It is preferred for stylish designs that are unique to space, since it is a material that allows for the proper ceiling shaping and illumination to be used.

How to assemble PVC ceiling?

The use of Led light or a personalized model in the application of PVC ceiling is easily used.

For the application, the properties of the frying pan to be assembled primarily in the PVC pan should be evaluated and measurements should be taken into consideration, such as the height difference. According to the measurements taken, U profiles and panels are assembled. The gaps between the panels are removed from the dust, and then glued to the joints and closed with plaster. PVC ceilings, such as laminate, mounting without screwing through the passing structure.

In order to ensure occupational safety, glasses, masks, gloves and protective clothing must be used during installation.