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What is Polycarbon roof?

It is a roof system created using polycarbonate material widely used because it is resistant to breakage. The range of products the Polycan be applied to is quite wide. Therefore, it provides the most suitable natural lighting solutions by allowing different designs, even in complex architectures. Besides being a multi-purpose functional product with a choice of color and transition, it adds aesthetic to lighting solutions. With standard roof details, polycarbonate profiles facilitate the application by providing complementary. Polycarbonate sheets are used in different buildings for many purposes due to its properties. In accordance with the need to determine the thickness of the roof materials is preferable among the reasons.

Polybon Roof

Polybon Roof Features

Polybon Roof is a product that has a fairly wide range of uses due to its positive properties. One of the most fundamental reasons why Polybon panels are widely used in roofing coatings is that it is durable and not easy to break. This product is also not easily affected by weather conditions. The material that is used to disperse light evenly in the area of light permeability due to the fact that it has a close proximity to the glass. This material is also very lightweight, providing heat insulation. In order to provide high insulation, different thickness and multi-celled are produced. The application of polycarbonate plates made with aluminum slats is very easy to assemble. The material with a standard plate size of 210×600 is relatively light compared to the glass.

Polycarbonate-Sheet-350x245Polybon roof which areas can be used?

The Polybon roofing material features a versatile use for reasons that arise. This material is also used in the winter garden and greenhouses as well as the roofs of living areas, which have a lot of light and homogenous distribution of artificial light because it is transparent. In addition to being transparent, the roof system created from Polybon material with color options is also preferred in the closure of the passageways and bus stops and the overpass between buildings. In our country where smoking is prohibited in indoor areas, it is used to create a separate section of the restaurants and cafes ‘ smoking areas. The closure of the parking lot and the creation of factory lights can also be utilized in this material. This material is also available for the closure of sports halls, pools and patios and terraces.

What advantages does Polybon roof offer?

Polybon Roof is a very durable product in the face of scratches, refraction, heat and chemicals, and has a flame-spreading feature. The temperature values between-40 and + 120 are used in different climatic conditions as it shows durability. Effective solution for the elimination of insulation problems. It is a flexible material that can even shape with a cold twist and can be used in many areas due to ease of application. Because it is a transparent material with light permeability, it is an active roof system option in situations where daylight saving is desired. Having a lot of color options makes it possible to make different designs in the space.