Plastic Lamone

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What is a plastic lamp and where is it used?

Lamone; It is a building material that is manufactured from materials such as wood, plastics or metals and is used to cover the ceilings and interior walls of buildings. In general, construction firms are ready to make offices in the construction and ceilings of the store, one of the preferred Lamone materials, due to easy handling and easy cleaning of plastic laminlone. For ceiling coverings and wall coverings in the interior of buildings, the products of wood or metal laminat are used in general when preferred. However, thanks to the preference of plastic products in the areas where the water-used parts of houses and workplaces can be experienced with moisture problems, spills, blisters, cracks, paint blisters or swelling are not encountered.

Plastic LamoneFeatures and advantages of plastic lamone products 

Manufactured from PVC materials, which are unaffected by factors such as water and steam and also do not contain carcinogenic substances, the products of plastic lamone that are healthier and robust are more advantageous in coatings. These materials, which can also be used in the inner areas of normal ceiling coatings, can be obtained by covering the tops of areas such as water pipes, heating pipes and installations in houses and enterprises, and a clean, aesthetic image. Plastic products that can be easily cleaned with water-based cleaning products are available in external areas; In rainfall areas, terraces and camellias, ceilings of building Annex sections and prefabricated structures and container ceilings are also available as alternatives. They provide a smooth and clean look on the ceilings, especially in homes and workplaces, thanks to their use in bathrooms and toilets.

How to apply plastic lamone products?

In areas such as toilets and baths, baths, and outdoor areas, terraces and pool edges, preferred plastic products can be easily applied to the coating processes, because they are not affected by Sudan and moisture, healthy, quality and long-lasting products. It can be applied practically through the use of a grid ceiling-wall system in any environment that is not affected by water. As a lightweight material, as soon as possible and easy to apply, the assembly must be used for non-rusting screws due to such factors as water. In buildings, the preferred plastic lamone coatings for moist areas in the interior provide quality solutions for many years at the point of ceiling paint and plaster operations. Because of the factors such as moisture and steam, which do not show color change, and when used in open areas, the non-sunlight-unaffected plastic materials remain as new, preserving their colour thanks to practical cleaning.

What are the types of plastic lamps and prices?

Because the buildings are not affected by heat and cold, the plastic lamp used in the interior and exterior coatings in humid areas is generally white, but the market has a variety of wood and marble accents and different colors. The most favorable prices for plastic products produced in different sizes and patterns can be obtained on the Internet as a result of research. In general, the price change of these products is based on the demanded quantity, size and product quality.