Plastic ceiling

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Decorative Plastic Ceiling Models

Decorative plastic ceiling panels are very easy to install and maintain. Especially in wet rooms, PVC panels are an excellent alternative to decorating the ceilings and making them waterproof. Ideal for PVC panels, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, basement floors, garages and other indoor rooms. The special fusing system of the plastic pan is simple and quick to fit the ceiling coverings. The ceiling panels can be installed continuously and can turn off any length. The ceiling spotlights can be easily assembled. Available Sizes: Sandwich panel

  • Standard LENGTHS: 1.2 m-2.6 m en 4 m
  • Standard widths: 10 cm, 25 cm en 37.5 cm
  • Alternate lengths and widths are available.

Plastic ceilingAdvantages of plastic ceiling panels

Plastic ceiling panels are manufactured from a completely water-resistant plastic that can be washed completely. Therefore, maintenance is very simple. It can also be installed externally from campuses to garden applications. Make sure that some panels of the foil are not waterproof. User-friendly plastic ceiling panels are only 120 cm long and weight is extremely lightweight. This makes it very simple and easy to install quickly. 260 cm long panels are also available. The short panels can be transported easily by car, and the box’s cardboard provides additional protection during transportation. When you reached the end of a panel sequence that was assembled during setup, you saw the length of the last panel. Then just start with this cut piece in the new segment and build on it and complete the wall or ceiling.

Suspended plastic ceiling system stainless PVC ceiling Panels

Plastic ceiling high quality suspended PVC Panel system, frequent cleaning, process facilities such as high humidity level or duct work, pipes and cables are the ideal solution for the rooms to cover and protect the places that appear to be. Porous, smooth, shiny, white grid panels can be used to replace existing acoustic panels-recyclable, easy to clean and never need paint (special colours available upon request). In addition, placing a suspended ceiling on a facility with an existing high-ceilings can help lower energy costs by reducing space to be heated or cooled. We do not offer cost or liability bids based on inventory parts or room size, and your order can be dropped into your workplace.

Plastic Ceiling Tiles

Rich design, a domed plastic ceiling turns a flat ceiling into an elegant artifact. The coated plastic ceiling plates adds a luxurious touch to your décor and feel new in any room. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get this look. The stylish coated plastic ceiling plates can be easily installed on your existing suspended ceiling plate or as part of a new ceiling system. A feature that makes plastic ceiling plates a preferred ceiling option is the moisture and mold resistance on the applied surface. Therefore, it is perfect for basement or bath renovation procedures. Rigid PVC structures make the plastic ceiling plates maintenance-free.