Ozpor Insulation

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Ozpor insulation and insulation materials

In our country and throughout the world, the insulation sector is in a structure that develops and changes from day to time. The insulation sector, which has a separate location within the construction sector, realizes the production of many different products in accordance with the requirements. Özpor insulation name, which is one of the important enterprises to manufacture insulation material, stands out. Özpor manages the production and development of insulation materials in many different types and varieties with the understanding of the support and development of domestic production in our country. In particular, there are productions in sound and similar insulation processes including heat insulation, and the work of new products continues continuously.

Özpor Insulation and stone wool

Özpor Insulation carries out the production of special insulation materials for the construction sector. The most important of products produced are stone wool materials. Stone wool is a valuable and effective insulating material. Some special volcanic rocks are obtained in the form of high heat processing. The rocks are then made into fibre and the stone wool is obtained in high temperature. Stone Wool is an effective solution for insulation processes thanks to the properties of the production properties and raw materials. Stone wool products are especially seen as products that provide the most effective performance in heat insulation. Thanks to its high degree of machining, it is preferred in heat insulation processes due to its very low thermal conductivity.

Özpor Insulation stone wool usage areas

Özpor Insulation stone wool products have a wide area of use. The width of this area is the advantages of stone wool products and product diversity. Stone wool products are most intensively used for heat insulation purposes. Stone Wool is the ideal product for the heat insulation that is being done to the exterior facades of buildings. In addition to the low heat permeability, it is preferred in exterior insulation of stone wool products with reasons such as water and flame failure. These products are also used in sound insulation processes as well as thermal insulation. However, heat insulation can be provided with these materials, especially in areas such as heating systems or water reservoirs. The insulation of the pipes used in these installations is provided with stone wool.

Özpor Insulation Product Types

Özpor has a wide range of products related to insulation stone wool products. These products include different thickness and size insulation plate types. There are many different types of stone wool plates from building insulation to industrial insulation sheets. The mattress products being manufactured for use on roofs are also different sizes and thicknesses. In addition, it is available in products covered with aluminium sheets or films. These products are preferred on exterior fronts and behind air conditioning. For use in industrial areas, the outer part of the wire is surrounded by the stone wool mattress options are preserved.