OSB material

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How to manufacture OSB material?

OSB sheet material products, which have been frequently used in structures in recent years, are manufactured in a very practical way and constitute an advantage at the point of use. OSB products have been produced in the form of a sheet in general and abbreviated with the expression of a directed chipboard. Because these sheets are very flexible, they can be used in many different areas of construction. These sheets, which are very easy to shape and cut, are especially manufactured by the compression of the layers of different types of trees, and are products that have become sheets with resin. Nowadays, construction applications are used for many different purposes such as interior wall coverings, exterior building materials, building partitions, floor and ceiling coverings, construction of structures and moisture insulation.

OSB material

OSB Material usage types

OSB material products, which are very easy to use and practical in production, are manufactured to separate types of usage. In general, different types of OSB sheets are suitable for different areas of use, which are provided by our company and have 4 types in the market. One of these types is usually used in the packaging industry when making items such as boxes and chests, while the second type is preferred in the interior of buildings. The third and fourth tulle are used on the exterior of the structures thanks to their high resistance to moisture and heat. Because these products are in a very durable structure, a long-lasting isolation application can be provided using the interior and exterior parts of the structures because of their durability.

OSB-Material-RomaniaConstructalproperties for OSB material products

Among the most preferred wood products in the market, OSB material has different specifications and structural characteristics. Nowadays, these materials are commonly used in many construction applications and are manufactured as panels thanks to the bonding of the striped wood materials together with the resin. For this reason, products with a natural wood color can be colored by making applications such as paint and paper coating, and a decorative look may be created when they use it for coating in the outer parts of the buildings or inside parts. According to the structure of water and heat resistance, this product can be easily applied and transported to any desired point.

Use of OSB material in building insulation

Especially with the use of coatings in the exterior facades of buildings, OSB material products providing a high insulation feature, with special production of high resistance to heat. Creating thermal insulation in many different structures nowadays provides energy savings and a healthy living environment. Therefore, heat insulation processes are a very preferred construction application. At this point, the insulation processes can be carried out quickly with the preference of OSB sheet products. In these insulation processes, the use of OSB products, which are provided at reasonable prices, can be applied to the insulating application that creates an economical result. Different types and sizes of products can be procured economically from our company.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]