Izocam Rock Wool

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Izocam Rockwool Solid Construction material

Stone wool is obtained from the indigenous volcanic rock varieties such as basalt, diabetes, dolomite and inorganic minerals such as 1350 ⁰c-1400 ⁰c in very high degrees of ergitification and mixing with baquality. A special fibre type is given to stone wool, rock wool or rockwool names, stone wool is a very adequate building material for heat and sound insulation. Izocam Stone Wool Saint-Gobain isover Grünzweig + Hartmann has a license to Germany sillan. Produced under the conditions stipulated by the certificates. These are Quality assurance system ISO 9001, environmental management system ISO 14001, occupational health and Occupational Safety management system OHSAS 18001. Furthermore, in terms of Turkish standards, the TS 901-1 EN 13162 Standard is documented with CE marking in the framework of Building materials Regulation (89/106/EEC). The system used to classify fireproof materials is included as an A1 product that is not flammable.

Izocam Rock WoolIzocam Stone Wool production types  

Izocam stone Wool, a functional building material, serves many areas of use. Therefore, it is divided according to product types.

  • Stone Wool in Mattress
  • Stone Wool in sheet
  • Pipe shaped stone wool
  • It is possible to sort these types as cast type stone wool.

Izocam Stone wool usage areas

Izocam stone wool in the form of mattress wool, insulation to the surface of the size of the mattress cut in accordance with the greenhouse is applied. Used in roof areas, flooring surfaces, Mertek. It is an adequate product for heat, sound, water and fire insulation. The stone wool on the slab is the building material covered with two sides (metal or impregnated glass tulle). In the exterior or internal insulation of walls, it is a preferred building material product which is easily used under façade coating systems. It can also be used in floors and floor coverings. The partition is used in the construction of walls or in isolation between two walls. The pipe-shaped stone wool is used in the insulation of pipes that provide the transmission of liquids up to 250 ⁰C. It also ensures the safety of the employees as it prevents the loss of existing heat for energy savings. As a product that adapts to a wide range of industrial tubes, it is in the foreground. Cast type stone wool; Mattress is a non-specific form of insulating surfaces that are not suitable for the use of sheet or tube type stone wool. It is usually used by pressing the material in the desired area with compression style. It can be used in isolation of double hull doors.

Advantages of the use of Izocam stone wool

It is an ergonomic building material. Izocam is a muable product that provides ease of use with the types of stone wool. It is a unique product for heat, sound, water and fire insulation. The operating temperature is approximately 1000 ⁰C and is a very durable product for heat and humidity. Shape change is a building material that does not cause blistering, does not rot, mold, and corrosion.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]