Galvanized U Profile

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Features of galvanized U profile Products

Galvanized is a type of alloy that is obtained by passing a number of physical and chemical processes to certain metals. It comes with an extremely handy, quality product. Galvanized is used in making many products, which is one of the most common U profile. As Kucukdeveci, we offer a wide range of galvanized U profiles to our customers in many different models and designs. Our products are readily available in open spaces as well as indoors. It is extremely durable against rust and its lifespan is long. Can be produced in different sizes and can be produced in different thicknesses. It can be easily preferred in construction areas requiring different resistance, increasing the area of use and the thickness. Painted profile

Galvanized-U-WALL-minGalvanized U profile types and advantages of use

Our galvanized U profile grades are specially manufactured according to the project to be used. The desired sizes are automatically designed and manufactured to apply different cutting points, making shape applications, punching holes, etc. In this way, it is much more practical during use, with zero fault margin and high performance in the areas of use. Galvanized U profile types are used in the construction industry with dozens of headlights. It is preferred as a carrier element and auxiliary element in the areas of use. With so much preference, it has emerged as a variety of different U profile types, such as U-lover profile, U-belt profile, heavy building profile, roof profile, scissors profile, perforated u profile.

Galvanised U profile variants usage areas

Galvanized U Profile Grades are extremely lightweight products. In this way, they offer high efficiency especially in suspended ceiling systems. The U structure makes it possible to dress up. Profiles and mouth gears are ready to be applied as soon as the suspended ceiling products are available. Due to their lightness, they do not overload the ceiling. Again, galvanized U profile types are preferred in wall cladding. Thanks to the ready-made U-structure, it is easily applied from floor to ceiling and can be placed comfortably in the Dacvar. It is extremely easy to shape because they are manufactured with computer control. It is suitable to produce aesthetic solutions. Products that help make different touches in living spaces.

Application and assembly of galvanized U profile variants

Galvanized U profile types are economical as cost. In this way, our customers can easily use them in their living spaces. Any façade can benefit from roof coverings. It can be easily monta thanks to drills without requiring extra equipment. Accelerates the completion of application areas with a quick installation. Galvanised U profile products can be produced in the same way as the top and bottom of the head dimensions are different. In this way, it becomes suitable for different montalama. It can be used vertically or horizontally, depending on the needs of the application area. Especially in drywall and gypsum ceiling applications galvanized U profile construction areas are indispensable. They allow the desired shapes to be easily created for desired designs.