Preferred fibercement types in structures

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Nowadays, many different materials are preferred for insulation and coating purposes in construction applications. One of the main materials preferred by construction contractors is Betopan products. These products are the products that make high durability with the resistance that is specially preferred and moisture in exterior façade coatings and internal façade insulation. The basic structure of the Betopan, which includes the contribution of wood and cement and produced in a harmless structure to health with the participation of certain chemicals, provides different types of use in the structures. It is also available for construction applications in our products which are in different properties depending on the size and thickness of the varieties.

Preferred Betopan types in structuresHigh contributions to betopan types and structures

The most preferred types of betopan in construction applications are products that are generally available on the exterior or on the inside façade. Thanks to the contents of the Betopan products offered for sale, our company provides many different benefits in buildings. Firstly, thanks to the creation of moisture resistance in the structure of Betopan products, the heat point is also a great advantage. The Betopan, which provides protection of wall structures, can also intercept fire hazards as it has high heat resistance. In the areas where it is used with its structure, it is an effect that prevents pests such as insects and pests from being derived.

Flat Beopan sheet Image Kucukdeveci fibercement
Fibercement Betopan Sheet

Betopan types and Thermal insulation uses

In addition to the general contributions of the Betopan product, which is one of the most important materials in the structure, it also provides thermal insulation as an important advantage. This feature has a variety of wood additives in the structure of betopan varieties. The use of wood material in a way that can provide heat insulation within the Betopan product also ensures that it is resistant to shocks and shocks. This additive, which gives a flexible structure, increases the weight resistance of betopan products and adds strength to the structures.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]