Fibercement Exterior Siding

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Betopan Fibercement Systems

As with many sectors, the old systems in the construction sector leave their location to new systems. In the construction industry, the search for innovative systems is always available in many subjects, due to the fact that older systems are both more costly and not expected results. The Betopan systems have emerged as a result of these searches. Betopan is a product that arises as a result of the search for exterior façade coatings. Made of plaster or other coating systems are not productive. Betopan systems are obtained by combining wood and cement. It is formed by grinding the small pieces of wood with cement and some chemicals into a sheet.

Betopan Exterior Siding
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Where is the Betopan systems

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Fibercement Betopan Sheet

Used for purposes?

Betopan systems can be used in all areas of the construction industry, from foundation to roof. Thanks to its easy machining and superior features, it is also used as a roofing material and as a roof system. It is mainly used as a betopan exterior façade coating tool. Although it is specially manufactured for this purpose, Betopan can be used for different purposes, and these objectives are preferred.

What are the benefits of Betopin?

Betopan carries the individual beneficial aspects of the materials used in the production. Wood, cement and chemical substances are used in the production. In this regard, the benefits of these substances are valid in Betopan.  Cement material is a moisture resistant material. It is not easily deformed on wet and damp surfaces and is a material that will not be accommodated on mold. Even if it remains in the water for a long time, its easy structure will not deteriorate. Cement is a material that will not be harmed easily from insect and similar external factors. The tree is a lighter material than other materials. Besides its lightness, it has the ability to be elastic. Thanks to this feature, it will be easier to bend and overcome collisions and similar situations with less damage. Wood products generally provide more insulation than other materials. In addition, wood materials can be processed and cut more easily than other materials.  Betopan sheets Combine these benefits of cement and tree. There is no harmful substance and no odor. It provides the ideal insulation. It is preferred in earthquake-resistant buildings thanks to the lightweight supply of the tree. It is a fire resistant structure thanks to both cement and inside chemicals. Considering all these benefits, Betopan stands out as the most ideal among the exterior façade coating options.

How to assemble the Betopan?

Betopan exterior coating systems are generally used by mounting to the lower construction. This substructure is mostly metal frames. Profiles designed specifically for Betopan assembly should be used. Although not used, it can also be mounted on wood structures.  It is fixed by screwing while mounting the betopan. The ideal gaps from the corners and edges must be screwdriving after leaving. The screws are closed with filler material for long use.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]