Facade Mantolama Systems

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What is the process of Mantolama which is usually performed on the outer front of the buildings?

The process of the Mantolama is actually easily understood from the name as well as the coating process with a protective substance on the exterior façade of the building. As the mantle protects the human body from outside to the cold effects, the exterior façade Mantolama systems, which are applied to the exterior façade of buildings, protect buildings against the cold effect outside.

Facade Mantolama SystemsWhy is it important to have a mantolama on the outer facades of buildings?

Mantolama has become a process applied to buildings after almost every newly-built construction. There is no construction that can be mentioned almost as an exception. In order to understand the cause of this situation, we must first grasp what the importance of the Mantolama process is in terms of a building. Turkey is one of the countries where four seasons are experienced. In the summer, the weather is very cold in winter, as it is quite natural in our country, it should be met very naturally. In winter, a temperature exchange begins to occur between the interior facades of the buildings and the cold air in the air, along with the cool weather. As a result of this purchase, the outside cold air penetrates into the building, lowering the temperature of the building’s contents. The inhabitants of the building are affected by this situation. The process of Mantolama is based on the basis of preventing the cold air from being replaced with hot air in the building during any season. As a result of the heat insulation provided to the building with exterior Mantolama systems, the residents of the building feel the coldest in the outside even when the weather is cold.

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The Mantolama systems are brought to the building and the living

If the exterior is going to need to make a brief description about the Mantolama systems, it will be accurate to define the heat insulation needed for buildings. However, the process of Mantolama does not only provide heat insulation for buildings. In addition to ensuring thermal insulation, the process of Mantolama brings many advantages. Some of these advantages are as follows;

  • The heat insulation of all kinds of structures made of different concrete, such as the column, beams that form the exterior surface of the building, is ensured smoothly.
  • It surrounds the façade of the building like a mantle, preventing cracks that may occur on the material used in the construction of the building.
  • Thanks to the process of Mantolama, the exterior façade of the buildings is protected against virtually any adverse effects that can come from outside.
  • The operation of the Mantolama also provides a small amount of water insulation.
  • Thanks to the mantolama made by the right people, it provides a considerable savings on warming.

In addition to these features, it is possible to count the advantages of building life, such as the condensation event to occur at a fairly minimal rate.

What you need to pay attention to when you do the Mantolama.

The operation of the Mantolama is one of the most demanding processes because it is a process that concerns the façade of the building. Exterior Mantolama systems should be done using quality materials by expert specialists, who are fully qualified in the business, resulting in the desired result.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]