Exterior decorative Sheathing

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What do I have to do for the exterior mantolation?

It is aimed to uncover an area that is more experienced with external façade mantolama in many areas, especially in areas of living spaces, work places and large-scale industrial purposes. In order to accomplish this, the exterior decorative Mantolama varieties which are already being used can be done by three different methods. People can be forced to choose between them. In addition to the internal and external Mantolama process, it is possible to make a sandwich wall-shaped mantle. When making a choice among these, people must weigh in on the Mantolama process, which will ensure the continuity of insulation and the prevention of heat exchange beyond their budgets.

Exterior decorative Mantolama

What are the advantages gained by exterior mantolation?

By ensuring that the building is completely independent from the heat of the outside air, the mantolama processes that can reveal a great protection purpose are primarily due to the temperature variations and the water effects due to all these features. preventing cracks and damages. Considering that the water and temperature differences in the walls have reached serious proportions, it is necessary to bring the solution to these areas with exterior decorative mantolama. The Mantolama processes, which can raise up to approximately 50 percent of the heat savings after the correct material use and the correct mounting technique, ensure that indirect effects of polluting the surrounding environment are minimized.

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How long will the Mantolama end?

The most curious subjects of the people who want to make a mantolama are the problems of how long these proceedings will take and whether they can be found at home during these applications. At this point, the preferred method of Mantolama is important. Apart from this, a standard exterior decorative Mantolama process can take between a week and a month when it comes to an average building size. Here, increasing or decreasing the size of the building, changing the number of employees, the weather conditions in the order of the application to increase or decrease the time can provide. In terms of weather conditions, only severe wind and fog is not made in the case of mist. However, in rainy weather, the process of Mantolama is also available.

What to do in Mantolama

It is sufficient for the people to apply for the decorative Mantolama process and to wait for the projects to be completed only in this area. However, it has been made mandatory to have the insulation systems of buildings with a new law brought in. In fact, it was also mandatory for people to obtain a document under the name of the energy identity certificate. With the mandatory retention of this document, the targeted goal will be to minimize heat losses and basically reduce energy costs and consumption as much as possible. You can make these projects that will contribute to the economy of the country and protect the environment with the firms that serve in this area. As the company of Kucukdeveci construction and industry and trade, we are conducting successful insulation projects with our experience and knowledge.