Drywall Profiles

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Drywall profiles are produced in series, two sides are coated in carton and manufactured in standard or special sizes of construction material is called drywall. Drywall is the building material used as a gypsum board publication which is located between two sides of cardboard and plaster applications are usually applied inside the exterior walls of finished buildings. Drywall applications manufactured in certain norms are used in all areas from floor to wall. In addition, drywall profiles, suspended ceilings, partition walls, dry plaster and dry flooring are also applied to many sales. As a natural reflection of this situation, it is a product that has a fairly wide range of uses.


Why drywall?

Drywall does not produce bacteria, the ph value is at the same level as the human body. In addition, drywall is resistant to fire. If we open it; A drywall with a single coating made of 7.5 cm wide is resistant to fire for 30 minutes. In addition, drywall is a flexible material. Thanks to this feature, the degree of strength is greater. This feature makes it a material that is less affected than the quake. It is lighter than most materials. Furthermore, the 1m-ready drywall partition walls are 9 times lighter than the brick wall. This means that it will be less affected by earthquakes. Apart from the sound insulation, it also has an excellent degree of predisposition. It is also very suitable for thermal insulation.

Alcipan Profiles
Alcipan Profiles

Drywall Profiles Properties

It breathes the life areas where drywall is used. Thanks to the water contained within; Restores moisture to the media when the media is low. In short, the moisture in the environment continuously balances throughout the day. Drywall partition walls do not cause a loss of space, i.e. it does not thickening the wall applied. This helps to make the thickness of an ideal and smooth wall. Another wall formed by a plaster is a wall that can be easily disassembled. This means that the space can be easily expanded. As a result of its easy installation and time-free institution, it saves workmanship and time.


Use of Gypsum world

Drywall, which is an important place among roofing materials, is known and used as a good building material across the globe. It is also the main reason that the use of earthquakes and fire resistance, as well as sound and insulation, is widely available throughout the world. When we look at buildings with a contemporary line in developed countries, it is observed that materials such as drywall are used. These structures, which are supported by light steel constructions, are still more durable and aesthetic with drywall

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