Decorative Wall Panel

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Top quality decorative Wall panel types

Our company is producing thermal insulation solutions and also produces aesthetic decorative wall panel, patterned betopan production. Thus, in addition to the insulation solutions that we have presented on the exterior façade of the buildings, we also have a very different alternative applications on the front, we are signing the results of the face. We strive to make the interior of buildings more beautiful and more qualified in isolation, as the most modern production techniques are integrated in our facility. Thus, we contribute to the creation of more beautiful venues on the other hand, with decorative wall panels, which are extremely new contemporary, long-lasting and stylish, and the insulation of workplaces and industrial facilities.

Decorative Wall Panel
Stone Patterned Betopan

Decorative wall panel and wooden privilege

In the decorative wall panel that we have manufactured, the Betopan plate is considered as a very remarkable product. These plates, which we call Eco Board, have wooden textures on the front surface. The rear side has a rough surface for easy installation. Thus, heat insulation is carried out by preserving the beauty and natural of wood in any interior space. At the same time, our highly qualified products bring sound insulation. In this way, our applications can be activated in prefabricated products that are used not only in homes but also in light steel structure. The extremely lightweight wall panels can be easily mounted on the wall.

Decorative wall panel and Ecobord Stone sheets

Eco bord Stone plates which are located in the decorative wall panel which our company has produced are quite appreciated. The front surface is completely reminiscent of a stone texture. In this way, the natural solutions that we have presented within the houses will be accompanied by the beautiful interior design that is desirable with the stone-looking, extremely high-quality coatings that will accompany the wood. Furthermore, a rough area is left on the back surface and the possibility of applying it to all kinds of wall format is very easy. The Ekobord Stone plates are manufactured from very lightweight materials, providing the interior heat insulation and sound insulation to the end. Thus, with the elements being used as façade cladding coating, the buildings will become better quality and more elegant.

Decorative wall panel and advantages

We contribute to the insulation of the interior façade of buildings with different kinds of decorative wall panels produced by our company. The very elegant solutions are decorative applications with wood and natural stone appearance. It also contributes greatly to sound and heat insulation. Because it is very lightweight, it promises a long lasting use because it will not impose an extra load on the wall. Furthermore, all these applications manufactured by our company at extremely economical prices can be easily assembled. Thus, our company, which caters to a wide range of customer profiles from individual demands to corporate needs, helps to achieve better quality insulation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]