Concrete Paint

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About concrete paint types and uses

It's kind of a paint type. The importance of both visual and yield in the construction industry. Paints are construction materials that offer these two together. They have a very large area of use and they create a visual elegance in the areas where they are used and provide many yields. With almost every color of paint, they allow living spaces, entertainment areas, public spaces, etc. to be colored as desired. Sometimes the meaning of the colors is given warnings, boundaries are created. However, concrete is the largest footprint in the construction sector. Used at many points of construction. Concrete is the most preferred structure of landscaping, parks, gardens, roads and playgrounds, not just constructions. As Kucukdeveci, we meet our customers with a variety of concrete paints. In this way, we provide both the aesthetic and the preservation of concrete.

Concrete PaintAdvantages of concrete paint varieties

The types of concrete paints are not used for visual coloring purposes only. In addition, it is used for the preservation of concrete, for long life. Because concrete paint is a strong coating material. Thanks to this coating, the resistance of the concretes will increase, the lifetime of the use. It will increase the resistance of concretes to excessive loads because it will create a set between the concrete and the top weight. Concrete paints can be used in all stages of concrete. It can also be driven when it's wet and it's dry. The resistance of concrete paints to external factors is extremely high. Due to the fluid structure at the time it is driven, the small cracks in the concrete will also help to shut down, water infiltration, moisture formation will be prevented.

Application and details of concrete paint

Our customers ' choice of concrete paint products are extremely high quality products. It doesn't fade in time. It has a high degree of waterproofing. Thus preventing the concrete from taking water. It does not wear easily because it is perfectly glued to the concrete surface. Long years can be used in a healthy way. Due to its superior quality, it prevents the concrete from being corroded and does not corrosion itself. It is unaffected by harsh weather conditions such as snow, rain, wind, hot. The application of our environmentally friendly concrete paint varieties is simple and easy. Dries fast. The same color can be easily turned off and color harmony may be captured. You will need to pass the fold if it is to be done on different colors.

Concrete Paint usage Areas

Our concrete paint varieties can be preferred in all concrete floors. Concrete, especially on tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, asphalt floors, safety road Caridoru Building, bicycle path building, detecting parking spaces, gardens, playgrounds and many more in different areas Paint is easily used. It can be applied both for decorative purposes and as a ground protector. They are extremely suitable for making different motifs, patterns and shapes with color synoptions. Easy to prepare, easy to implement, high yield, long life products. Because the visuals are extremely vivid, the application will put a separate air into the areas.