Chipboard Dimensions

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What is Suntalam (chipboard)?

Today, together with technological developments, the production of different materials in every field is realized and diversified. In the light of these developments in construction areas, new products are produced continuously. The production of new materials is accelerating thanks to the large and sophisticated machines used. One of the new ingredients is chipboard materials. OSB sheet materials are a variety of materials which are preferred in many areas, mainly construction, including furniture, transportation and so on. Chipboard materials vary according to the width, characteristics and dimensions of the chipboard. Chipboard materials are manufactured with technological systems in the special woodworking factories. These materials are manufactured in different sizes and thicknesses in accordance with the needs of the technological factories.

Chipboard DimensionsWhat are chipboard properties?

Chipboard is a material that is applied in the form of a special system together with the pieces of wood, which are made of small pieces as materials. Production is made with different kinds of wood. The diversity of these trees is implemented with the aim of ensuring robustness and durability. Adhesive resin and similar materials are used to combine these pieces of wood. Special heat-applied machines are used to bring these materials together. Chipboard products can be used for long term and can be produced in different areas to be evaluated in a different way. With these features, it has a very wide usage area. However, it expands the range of usage for chipboard measurements.

Chipboard-TypesChipboard Product Types

The variety of chipboard dimensions are applied in relation to different production characteristics.  The most widely applied type thickness in relation to chipboard products. Production of chipboard varieties up to 30 millimeters thickness starting from 8 millimeters thickness. These thicknesses vary according to the purpose of use. In particular, the products that are used in the construction industry that are heavily used for the processes that require more robust and durability are preferred because they are thicker. In addition, the chipboard varieties used in furniture production are thinner products. There are also products that are manufactured in a non-coated range between these products. These products are used in different areas, with wide color and pattern characteristics.

Advantages of chipboard Use

Chipboard materials have many advantages along with their properties and chipboard dimensions. Presentations are primarily cost-benefit. In the production phase, residue materials can be used and similar reasons are manufactured more affordable than other materials. This advantage stands out in the construction and furniture industry. It is easy to use for construction works with moulds and similar purposes. In the furniture industry, it is preferred thanks to its durable and easy cutting and shaping. Thanks to its flexible structure, it is possible to assess the areas used without breakage or distortion. It also provides an advantage in storage and transport thanks to its lightweight structure.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]