Bonuspan Brand

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Bonuspan Products for Heat insulation

Bonuspan products can be used with the creation of exterior heat insulation and interior wall heat insulation in buildings while obtaining advantageous situation. These products have an important place in Turkey as a brand. Our company offers a special way to sell stone wool sheets for sale of this product. This product, also known as the Rockwool thermal insulation plate, is one of the products that has been introduced in the insulation industry very frequently. It is a great advantage to provide sound insulation with thermal insulation. These products, which resist the cold and hot air, make the sound isolated in noisy environments, saving heat in buildings.

BonuspanUsbonpan Products Usage Areas

In the form of Rockwool plate, Bonuspan products can be used in many different structures as heat insulation material. This building material is widely used in exterior façade applications and it is preferred in the interior façade applications in sound insulation. This product, which provides a high durability in insulation processes, provides a decorative look both when used on exterior fronts and enables the protection of buildings in the rain and snow effects. These products are preferred in many different structures together with their properties; It is preferred in reinforced concrete buildings, steel structures and prefabricated structures. At these points, the insulation processes can be completed in a short time thanks to the easy installation process and practical applications.

Bonuspan-minBonuspan products and different types

In addition to the products that can be produced with rockwool material, the XPS, membrane, shingle and heat insulation system types are also manufactured. The products that are revealed with these different types of production are offered by our company, and a variety of products can be preferred for heat, moisture and sound insulation in buildings. Generally, a positive result can be created using XPS sheets for the same process, although the stone plates are preferred in the heat insulation. These products with a wide range of uses are normally used in buildings such as industrial applications, roof and terrace applications, basements, railways, parking garages, truck safes, construction sites and sandwich panels can be preferred in applications. With these types of usage, they are advantageous in many different points.

Heat insulation systems in Bonuspan products

In order to provide an effective solution for external insulation processes in our country, the choice of thermal insulation systems in the scope of the products is offered by our company at reasonable prices. The Mantolama process is the coating application created for thermal insulation on the exterior surfaces of structures. It is necessary to paste the heat plates on the floor and then make applications such as plaster or coating on it. Thanks to this product system, all requirements are offered in a package and our company provides an economical price guarantee. The advantages of the system include; There are economical calculations, healthy use, durability, easy assembly, environmental results and seasonal structures.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]