Betopan Application Video

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Betopan application Video and usage area

Betopan application, which is one of the most modern thermal insulation solutions of today, is a thermal insulation solution that can be performed with video narrations. The Betopan, which our company is using especially on the exterior, carries a great strength against moisture and water. In this way, it offers a different contribution to the thermal insulation solutions that have become mandatory today. The thermal insulation solution called Betopan, which is manufactured with a very modern technology, is also located within our company. Thus, with the heat insulation that will occur on the exterior of the buildings, energy savings of up to 20 percent can be ensured.

Betopan Application Video
Fibercement Betopan Sheet

Betopan application Video and Betopan advantages

In detail, the Betopan application, which is the most preferred exterior of the last period, is described in a detailed way with video types. Betopan tree is a very different coating surface which is combined with cement and different chemicals. Unlike all other plates, there is also a natural product such as wood in the Betopa. Thus, the lightness and flexibility of the wood is located at the Betopanda. In this way, when the Betopan is easily assembled to the walls, it also reveals heat insulation at very high proportions. The inner and outer surfaces of the concrete are reinforced together with different minerals. Thus, heat insulation is increased. Due to its resistance to water, it is the front of the exterior, even in the most rainy areas. Moreover, the Betopan, which protects its form even under high temperatures, is definitely not melting and surface distortion.

Betopan Application Video and light solutions

The Betopan application, which is applied in a wide field from the smallest structures to enormous industrial facilities, reveals its quality with video descriptions. One of the biggest advantages of Betopin is the weight it applies to square meters. The relatively lightweight betopan does not put extra load on the exterior of the building, compared to other insulation solutions. The external façade solutions in our country in the earthquake area should be very careful. Thus, the statistic of the building will have reached the desired Mantolama and thermal insulation solution without any deterioration. Moreover, it does not make any swelling and expansion in any way, even when it is found in water. Thanks to the chemicals used in it, the non-mildew betopan insect is also a durable product against unwanted elements such as insects.

Betopan application Video and economical prices

It is also suitable for amateur use with the Betopan application video descriptions, which have been determined to be extremely economical prices. However, in very high buildings you definitely need to get professional support. Betopan is such a quality thermal insulation solution that provides equivalent protection to the thermal insulation value of a 1 centimeter square betopan 10-centimeter concrete. In this way, Betopan is a highly qualified and economical Mantolama solution that offers floors to the enclosure of the heat inside your building with both surfaces.