Metal Sheet Accesories

trapezoidal sheet Screw Bottom Semeri 42 x 45

27/200 trapezoidal galvanized hair is used between screw and hair during installation. Protects material from assembly sequence that does not damage material.

It provides water tightness from the holes where the screws are opened.

Increases compressive strength in bad weather.

Galvanized, Ral9002, Ral3000 color options are available in stock.

Size: 42 x 45

Applies to: 27/200 in the form of trapezoid galvanized or dyed hair.

Trapeze Hair Installation

1. One of the most important points to be considered before starting a single-layer trapezoidal sheet mounting is determining which direction the prevailing wind blows. Trapezoidal sheet mounting must be carried out in the opposite direction of the prevailing wind.

2. The fasteners to be used in the mounting of the roof trapesia are perpendicular to the construction and assembled with EPDM seal washers. On the façade trapeze, it must be fitted with the connection elements from the inside and the same characteristic.

3. Depending on the severity of the wind force in the roof trapeze, the construction of every hadith must be determined in the Mahya and fringe areas, and the number of the minimum 2.5 units in M 2 should be reached in the free fall of the love sequence. The number of screws to be used in the Assembly should be according to the wind condition and the amount required by the details.

4. To prevent possible leaks in the roof trapezoidal sheets, the assembly must be carried out with the saddle in conjunction with Semer. Semer should be selected to be used when selecting the Trapezoid form, which is not damaged during installation and does not lose its property over the years. The diameter of the EPDM sealing gasket of screws should be at least 22 mm in non-semer unused roof applications.

5. In the longitudinal thousand of Trapezas; Depending on the slope, Min. 20cm. The trap must be carried out and each of the thousand regions should be identified in the construction. If the lovers from the bottom of the thousand are small, the lover should be used on the lama.

6. In low slope roofs, the band must be applied between the thousand.

7. During the drilling of the trapezoid sacs, the metal deburring removed from the fasteners will cause rust due to weather conditions, these wastes must be vacuumed or cleaned immediately from the roof surface with magnet Maeve.

8. During installation, steel lovers, concrete and plaster materials such as the panel metal coating should be avoided by an appropriate insulated material or paint.

9. If the double-fold trapeze application is in question, it is necessary to isolate the surfaces that are not trapeze with a sponge in terms of the heat transfer of the Z or box profile.