Trapezodial Ridge

trapezoidal sheet Metal
trapezoidal sheet Metal

Cold rolled flat steels are made with zinc coating by hot dipping method and the thickness of the 0,30-2,00 mm range is rolled flat steels. The coated roll sheet is also obtained as a result of these coated with 5-20 micron thickness polyester paint. The hair obtained from this is Mahya, trapezoidal sheets, in all kinds of formats.

Galvanized or painted, the groove is the form of a mahya. Material thickness is between 0.20-2.00 mm. The bend angle is 145 degrees as standard. Between 230 x 230 and 600 x 600 sizes, the production of the Mahya is possible.

The cradle with a double-side flow is the material that combines the roof material with the same grooves in the middle of the roof and provides an integrity.

Features and advantages

  • Lightweight does not bring burden on the roof
  • It’s practical, it doesn’t take time to assemble
  • 30 years is guaranteed to rot.
  • Provides integrity between the roof junction point and other parts of the roof
  • Prevents unsightly image, protects water from hazardous areas
  • The amount of zinc plating is made in accordance with Turkish and world standards.

Technical details

Dimensions in standard stock: 35 x 35 x 87 cm
Thickness: 0.45 mm
Format: 27/200
Color: galvanized, or ral9002
For other color options, please contact our sales representative.

Usage areas
Double current roofs, cradle roofs

Product Dimensions:
• Thickness of the ridge: 0.40 mm – 1.25 mm
• Mahya Twist angle: 145 °
• length before bending; Min. 500 mm max. 1500 mm
• Depending on the user’s request, it is also produced in the desired sizes.

Product usage Areas:
• Roof junction points

Product Advantages:
• Lightweight
• Easy to assemble
• Provides integrity between the roof junction point and other parts of the roof
• Protects places that are at risk of water flow