Polyurethane sealant

Areas of Use:

  • Indoors and outdoors,
  • Horizontal and vertical dilatation joints,
  • In roof and terrace dilatations and parapet corner combinations,
  • In the composition details of prefabricated elements,
  • Prekast Wall panels are
  • PVC, wood, metal, aluminum and plastic jointing is used as a sealing table in the joints.


  • Easy to apply and surface correctable.
  • It has very high stretching and back-up capability.
  • It has excellent, lasting elasticity and adhesion strength.
  • With its very low module, it even takes on the slightest structural movements.
  • It hardens with moisture in the air.
  • can be painted.
  • Water is sealed after drying.
  • Resistant to aging.
  • It does not yield, it is tiksotropic property.

Preparation of the Surface:

  • Application surface must be cleaned from anti-adhesion substances such as dust, oil, tar, pitch, paint, silicone, curing material, detergent and mold oils.
  • Moisture should not be found on the surface, dry.
  • Non-porous surfaces such as aluminum, glass and metal should be cleaned with an appropriate solvent (such as acetone) that does not leave any marks on the surface.
  • The Fixa polyethylene joint filler fuse is used to reduce the consumption of PU 970 in Derzde and to ensure proper adhesion.
  • It is recommended to limit the proper appearance of the application area and the masking tape so that the material does not infect the surrounding areas.
  • It is recommended to use A primer for porous and absorbent surfaces.

Application information:

  • The PU 970 is ready for use.
  • In the PU 970 cartridge packaging, the cartridge is cut off and the cannula is attached to the cartridge tip with a suitable angle. The aluminum cover opens under the cartridge. The cartridge placed on the pistol is applied in a way that does not leave air.
  • The PU 970 sausage type is applied to the suitable sausage gun in the packaging without leaving any gaps in the joints.
  • The surface should be corrected by pressing a spatula immediately after the application within 5 minutes. This process will ensure that the PU 970 is both better sticking and a better filler image is revealed.
  • The movement ability of the material should be taken into consideration when determining the joint width. The joint width should be minimum 5 mm, maximum 30 mm.
  • After the application, the masking tape is removed. It can be cleaned with an uncured polyurethane mastic cleaning. Once the curing is complete, it is possible to clean it mechanically.
  • It can be painted above, but it should be observed that the paint can be cracked after joint movements.

The application varies depending on the joint width.


  • Avoid applying the product at temperatures below + 5 °c and above + 30 °c.
  • It should not be used in completely enclosed areas because it needs moisture in the air to be cured.
  • The application surface must not be moist.
  • It should not be applied in high-chlorine environments.
  • In cold weather, the PU 970 application allows for a certain period of time before the product is held at + 20 °c.
  • The PU 970 should not be contacted by solvent, alcohol, cleaning materials and water that can disrupt the chemical structure of the material without taking the cure.

600 ml aluminum Sausage Package
280 ml cartridge Packaging

Shelf life:
In a dry and cool environment, the original sealed package can be stored at + 5 °c to + 30 °c for 12 months. Storage space must be protected from the sun’s rays, dry, cool and moisture-free environment.

Health and Safety:
It contains Isosianat. As with all chemical products, food products should not be contacted by skin, eye and mouth during use and storage. Work wear, protective gloves, goggles and masks should be used in accordance with occupational and occupational health regulations. Consult a doctor when swallowed by accident. Wash with plenty of water in contact with the skin. Prolonged inhalation of solvent vapor exposed during curing may damage the respiratory system. Therefore, it should be noted that it is used in adequately ventilated environments. Avoid prolonged contact with uncured mastic. Should be stored in places where children cannot reach.