Polyurethane foam

Areas of Use:

  • internal and external expansion joints of structures,
  • Terrace Dilatations,
  • In the installation and insulation of door and window safes,
  • In the insulation of hot and cold water pipes, electrical installations,
  • It is used to fill gaps, large cracks and holes.


  • Excellent adhesion to any surface (except Teflon, PP, PE).
  • It features high heat and sound insulation.
  • It is resistant to any weather conditions and steam.
  • Waterproof, mold repellent, can be painted.
  • It is efficient up to 35 lt depending on moisture and temperature.
  • It does not contain harmful propellant gases to the ozone layer.

Preparation of the Surface:

  • Application surface must be cleaned from anti-adhesion substances such as dust, oil, tar, pitch, paint, silicone, curing material, detergent and mold oils. The pre-application surface can be lightly moistened.
  • Surfaces should be protected by tape.

Application information:

  • The tube is thoroughly rocking before the application. The pipette is fitted and the tube is applied upside down.
  • Note that the foam will expand during curing and should be careful not to bore excess material. The foam can be cleaned with a suitable foam cleaner or acetone. After the foam is hardened, it is possible to clean it in mechanical ways. After the application, the masking tape is removed.

varies by application area.


  • Avoid application at temperatures below + 5 °c and above + 30 °c.
  • For optimal results, it should be kept at room temperature at least 12 hours prior to the application or 20 minutes in warm water (maximum + 40 °c). The ideal box temperature is + 20 °c.
  • The tube is under pressure and should not be exposed to direct sunlight and temperatures above + 50 °c.

750 ml (600 g) and 750 ml (850 g) pressure tube packages

Shelf life:
Can be stored for 15 months at room temperature. This time can be shortened if it is stored below + 5 °c and above + 30 °c. Should be kept upright during storage and transport.

Health and Safety:
Diffilmethane-4.4 contains diizocyanad. As with all chemical products, food products should not be contacted by skin, eye and mouth during use and storage. During the application, work wear, protective gloves, goggles and masks should be used in accordance with occupational and occupational health regulations. Consult a doctor when swallowed by accident. Wash with plenty of water in contact with the skin. may be harmful when inhaled. Therefore, it should be noted that it is used in adequately ventilated environments. Should be kept away from ignition substances and operating electrical equipment. Should be stored in places where children cannot reach.