Top Ridge


It is produced in sizes of 30 cm x 92 cm, weighing 8 kg and 6.2 mm thick. Can be mounted on the desired side. From 9% to 80%, it could be manufactured according to every angle. During the order, the roof slope and the angle of the roof to the yacht must be reported.

Tilt Grades in Stock

30 degrees

Other types of accessories

  • Single Piece Mahya
  • Articulated Mahya
  • Fringe tip
  • Wall Bottom
  • Grant Roof Cellar
  • Muflu Takke
  • Side Fringe Corner Coating
  • Side Fringe corner covering hill crop
  • Z Profiles
  • Ventilation crops
  • Articulated ventilation cellar
  • Straight side Stream

2 – Articulated Mahya

These two-piece profiles are suitable for every slope from 10% to 70%. Each piece is 30×92 cm. Dimensions. The weight of the two parts is 10 Kg. Is. Thickness 6 mm. Can be surrounded and furnished to the desired side.

3-Fringe Tip

It is used to close the parts of the eaves of the atermit plates. It prevents rain and dust from entering the roof and nesting of birds. The standard dimensions of the Fringe ends which can be in various sizes are 10 + 25×92 cm., weight 5 kg. and thickness 6 mm. Is. When starting from the right, the right fringe end is called the left fringe end when the cover is initiated.

4-Wall Bottom

The roofs of sundurmave are used at the junction points of the wall roof, at the joints of the wall roof. These profiles are exposed to the wall in the plaster, as well as the name of the plaster bottom. 5 kg. Weight and 6 mm. Manufactured in thickness. 10 + 30×92 cm. The wall bottom, which has the right and left types in its dimensions, is laid on the atermite plates, unlike the fringe tip.

5-Grant Roof

It is used if a face is flat on the roofs. 18 + 30×92 cm. Dimensions, 6.5 kg. Weight and 6 mm. Thick. The desired angle and extent is produced according to the slope of the roof.

6-Muffle Takke

At the intersection of the sloping roof ridges, it is assembled under cement or lime mortar. Groove width 210 mm., thickness 8 mm. is manufactured in 250, 200, 160, 125 cm length.

7-side Fringe corner coating

The side fringe, which is used in the areas where the roof coverings meet the shield walls, provides an aesthetic beauty to the building, as well as the destruction of the shield walls and the prevention of damage to the wall between the roof coating and the barrier. . On request a side corrugated side fringe is produced. The side fringe, which is used vertically in the coating of the wall corners of the facades covered with corrugated atermite plates, takes the name of the side column.

8-side fringe corner covering hill crop

Side Fringe Crown Maçya prepared for use at junction points of lateral fringes can be used without the right and left separation, but the roof slope or angle, such as one-piece maças, should be notified at the time of ordering. 30 + 30×50 + 50 sizes and 8 mm. The thickness of the side fringe Ridge is 9 kg. Weight.

11-Z Profiles

Corrugated Atermite is used at the bottom end of the façade coverings, at the edges of the window and door, to close the corrugating ranges of corrugated sheets. In addition, Z profiles, which serve as a superior dropper, are manufactured with precision to any desired extent.

12 – 13-Ventilation cellar

Air circulation is used in desirable structures. Dimensions 40 + 40×92 cm., thickness 8 mm. and weighs 13 kg. Is.

4-Articulated ventilation cellar

Dimensions 40x92x8 mm., weight 16 kg. Is. (Two parts)

15-Straight side stream

The roof coverings are used in the Shield wall junction points. Prevents snow, rain waters and other damaging factors from leaking. Zinc is more economical and long lasting than those similar to galvanized SAS.

30 + 30×310, 250, 220, 200, 160, 125 cm. Height and 8 mm. Manufactured in thickness.

· 310 cm., weighing 29 kg,

· 250 cm., weighing 24 kg,

· 220 cm., weighing 20.5 kg,

· 200 cm., weighing 18.5 kg,

· 160 cm., weighing 15 kg,

· 125 cm., 12 kg. Weight.

Tilt replacement part – to be placed separately

It is a unifying element in the slope changes occurring on the roofs and produced in various angles. The roof slope or angles must be notified during the order. Dimensions 30 + 30×92 cm., weight 7 kg. and thickness 6 mm. Is.