Eternit Accesories

Eternit Corrugated Sheet screw-down accesories 20 x 40


The atermit plates are used between the material and screw during the monta of the sinus corrugated transparent and galvanized sheets.

Prevents damage to the material from the mounting sequence.

Eliminates the possibility of leaking water from the screw hole.

Increases the mucandini of the material in bad weather conditions.

Galvanised, Rall9002, Rall3009 color options.

Dimensions: 20 * 40

Used materials: all round corrugated roofing materials

Eternit Sheet during Assembly

1. When starting the assembly, it should be determined by the steep triangle with the front façade, 300, 400 and 500 cm with a vertical edge, and a painted apprentice rope must be marked up to the Maşya vaccine. The first line should be marked in the second line with a range of 920 mm. From the second line, each sequence should be repeated in 873 mm. This process is necessary to prevent the deviations and signs of the plates from being missed or overriding. 2. The plates to be mounted on the roof surface must be grouped by their location. In order for the plates to be coated regularly and without malfunction, the two plate corners that are left in the middle of the four sheet corners overlap must be cut in a triangular form. The short edge of the triangle to be cut is 47 mm, and the other side should be 150 mm or 200 mm depending on the length of the riding. With the right or left template prepared from zinc or atermit plates, the size of the cut should be drawn and cut on the floor. The corners cut with the pliers must be corrected with the tree file. Between the opposite corners must be 5-10 mm playing range.

3. The plate assembly should always start in the direction of the prevailing rain and wind. usually 6.25 mm or larger diameter galvanized steel hooks (normally metric 7) in the plate detection; The wooden roofs have a diameter of 7 mm and a minimum of 36 mm screw length Galvanized wood triphon should be used. Steel fasteners must be protected against rust with a minimum of 12 mm thick galvanized coating. Other coating types should also be equivalent to 12 mm galvanized coating in terms of protection against rust. In areas with strong wind, thicker hooks should be used.