Bitüself Bant

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Bituself Tape
Bituself Tape


Bituself Star

Based on elastomeric bitumen; Waterproofing tape with self-adhesive, polyester laminated aluminium foil.

Places of use in bituself

Interior and exterior parts of buildings, metal and other roofs, building cracks, chimney-wall bottom, fringe, mahya combinations, wood, metal, glass, plaster, concrete, cement, brick, tile, asphalt based materials insulation and repair, roof windows and Used in the vicinity of chimneys, railings, shingle details.

Bituself Surface Preparation

The application surface should be dry and clean. All loose parts, mold separator oils, residues, paint rust and other weak-glued materials must be removed from the surface. Metallic, plastic etc. Surfaces should be cleaned with the help of a suitable solvent. should be applied to rough surfaces such as concrete, plaster, chipboard, absorbent surfaces, bitusol or bitümer lining, it should be expected to dry completely.

Bituself Application Form

After the protective foil is grazed on the bottom surface of the bituself Star self-adhesive waterproofing strip, the adhesive section is adhered to the surface of the application to be pressed. With rubber hand rolls from the top surface of the bituself Star, full adhesion is ensured.

Bituself Packaging

The bituself Star self-adhesive waterproofing tape is packaged in rolls of 10-15-20-30-60 cm in width, 10 m tall.

Storage conditions and shelf life

The bituself Star self-adhesive waterproofing tape is stored in the original unopened and undamaged packaging, dry ambient conditions, without direct sunlight, from + 5 °c to + 25 °c, for 1 year since the production date.

Bituself Advantages

  • Very easy to apply,
  • Self-adhesive,
  • Suitable for contact with bitumen,
  • Resistant to UV rays,
  • Excellent adhesion to many surfaces,
  • Applicable at low temperatures,
  • Not affected by weather conditions,
  • The use of painted aluminium foil makes the color option possible,
  • It's economics.