About us

Successful development in construction materials and isolation sector

Founded in 1960 by Hacı Lutfi Kucukdeveci and started to trade life, Kucukdeveci ins. San. and Tic. . In the early stages, he traded timber and iron steel. In the terms of that period, the construction of new emerging and modern structures, the construction materials needed during the successful trade life continued. It has continued its development in our company due to the developing technology and construction sector and has successfully conducted the trade process with construction materials and insulation materials and continued its growth. By the 1980s, the construction of over 55 residences were built in Istanbul with the breakthroughs made by Bekir Kucukdeveci. With the advances made during that period, significant steps were taken to be a very successful and large company in construction, construction materials and insulation materials.

Kucukdeveci ins. San. and Tic. . Nowadays, Istanbul is able to provide services to many cities of Turkey, especially in the supply of construction and insulation materials. Large storage facilities and high stock figures are reached. With a wide range of products that may be required for construction, it continues its trading life. Continuously evolving the construction sector and technological innovations to ensure the continuous expansion of product options. With these reasons, it has reached a very important point in the sector and has become a very interesting address. With our successful work on customer satisfaction, we provide high quality and affordable products and important services in the fields needed by the construction sector. Technical support and consultancy are also possible with our company's expert staff. It has reached a very important place in the sector with its regular increasing sales and growth every year and has adopted it as a goal to take further steps.

Our company has the best quality insulation and construction materials in the product options, which takes the dealership of giant firms that make sales in the world about construction materials and insulation materials. Istanbul Zeytinburnu 3000 m2 closed and 2000 m2 open storage area since 1999 can offer service. In addition, in Istanbul Hadımköy, 8000 m2 closed and 2000 m2 open area pallet production facility and our warehouse construction continues. Our continuously evolving and growing company offers quality, affordable and wide product options in the field of construction materials and insulation materials and announces its name by continuously developing in the sector. We have taken our place among large firms to work seamlessly with the supply of materials in the construction sector and continue to work to further develop.